Life is either a darling adventure or nothing…..

by a5hleigh

No-one in my life knows the half of what I’ve been/going through and I’m very sure that this blog could be a lot more honest and I’m also sure that as the old saying goes “a problem shared is a problem halved” is true but whilst I am ready to share I’m not ready to share here as there are still people around me that do not need to know my life and let’s be honest no one really gives a shit!

Many things have happened to me over the years and I have let them happen, I have never fought back. As you can see from my first post since I was about 7 life has not went the way I expected/hoped/dreamed and I’ve done nothing to get it back on track. I’ve let my train wreck happen. Not any more. I’m done giving up. I’m done letting people walk all over me and I’m done not being noticed.

This is a moment that will count forever. Every hour, every minute, every second – it all matters. You can never get back that last second so why not live it smiling and laughing. No matter how many times your hurt and you cry make sure you pick yourself back up and find that smile.

This is something that I have learned over that past few months from two very inspirational young ladies – Olivia Ward and Hannah Curlee. Olivia is an American mezzo-soprano opera singer and the winner of season 11 of The Biggest Loser. Her teammate was her sister Hannah who placed second. Doing it for the girls and team purple! Olivia lost 129lbs (49.42%) and Hannah 120lbs (48.32%).

Hannah had Olympic dreams. As a competitive volleyball player in college, those dreams were dashed when she fell down stairs, breaking her back and ending her career. Being bed-ridden for weeks led to an overall feeling of defeat and out-of-control eating that became a habit over the years. In the end, at 248 pounds, Hannah found herself in a very bleak emotional place. “It was what those pounds did to me,” said Hannah. “I let them totally rob me of a life–of my smile, a laugh, relationships, who I really am.”

From the very first VT I saw of these two ladies they were completely in my heart and there were many many tears from week one till 21 of the show and no,  I don’t mean from those on the show I mean me! I needed to re-hydrate after episode!!!

I am in complete awe of these two gorgeous ladies and anyone who knows me will know that by that I don’t just mean gorgeous on the outside.  Hannah and Olivia are both courageous, funny, ambitious, motivated, the list goes on………. and I hope both Olivia and Hannah now know how amazing they are and have all the happiness in the world.

I’m so excited to follow their new journey and challenges they are setting for themselves.  I encourage everyone to visit their website at

Peace, Love and Strength



“Pretty, pretty please if you ever, ever feel like you’re nothing,  you are perfect to me” – P!nk